I’m SWEPT away by the drama!

Thanks to a post by Shannon A. Thompson (one of my FAVORITE bloggers), I decided to write a post about my rediscovery of an old teen fiction series I read over 14 years ago. The series: Sweep. The author: Cate Tiernan.


Book Cover

I own another series written by Cate, but I hadn’t read it yet. I’ve owned the large, four-books-in-one for about 4 years, and I just haven’t had the chance. The other day, my niece needed something to read at work in between her calls (she works at a call center), so I suggested she read Tiernan’s work, as it was filled with magick, immortals, and teen angst. It took her two days to finish it off, so I was inspired to go back to the first series that made me fall in love with the author.

Sweep came to me when my small-town, high school library bought a copy of Book of Shadows, the first of fourteen books (there’s fifteen, but the final book takes place in the future and I just wasn’t interested). I was hooked the moment I met main character Morgan Rowlands, her Catholic family, best friend Bree, and how she fell for Cal, a Wiccan who wants to teach her magick (the ‘k’ allows it to be separated from the magic of prestidigitation). Along the way, she learns secrets about herself she never thought possible while developing her magickal abilities.

The other day, I ran to my local library and picked up the first book to dive back into the story I finished at age 18. Of course, it took me literally a day to finish the 176 page book, and it has me craving more.  After I finish my Internet shenanigans today, I plan on traveling to my local library to order the rest of the series: one for each day while I’m out of work. I’m so excited!

This series inspired my Wax & Wane series I started back in NaNoWriMo 2011. I finished the novel, but it needs serious reworking. Plus, for the idea I have, I plan on expanding the series in four different volumes with five books in each volume, totaling to TWENTY books altogether. I worry it’s too ambitious.

Patience or Strength

I could use the prison time to finish my damn novel!

But Sweep will always have a special place in my heart. It will be the series that not only inspired my own fantasies but also introduced me to Wicca, a religious path I follow to this day. So check it out and enjoy the interesting twists and turns that will haunt Morgan as she grows and becomes a powerful witch you’ll be rooting for each time you turn a page.