Holiday Horror: Tinder

I belong to a subreddit called Short Scary Stories where users submit short pieces of horror. The other day, I wrote a small piece inspired by an old fairy tale, so no this story has nothing to do with the dating app Tindr. This isn’t my best work, but I enjoyed writing it. I hope you enjoy reading it. Happy holidays and stay safe!


She stood on the corner of the street under the lamppost wearing rags for clothes. Her frost white hair glistened under the flame of the lamp high above her as she wrapped her arms around her frail body.

She couldn’t have been more than nine or ten years old. I felt so badly for her standing alone in a snow storm. I rushed over with my coat to wrap around her hoping it would help warm her.

Instead, she lifted her eyes and I saw the flickering fire that danced in them. It took a few seconds for my flesh to register that it was scalding. I let out a scream as my body went up in an inferno.

Then, she opened her mouth and swallowed me whole: body, spirit, and mind. That’s how the Little Matchstick Girl’s ghost stays warm now.

Feel free to share your holiday-themed horror in the comments below.


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