Did you miss me?

Don’t worry. I’m alive.

Here I am.

Here I am.

This past week has been busy.

  • Monday: Well, it was a Monday. Also, I work for the community college in the mail room, and it was the first day for the Spring Semester. I worked half a day, went to an interview about another job that paid more, and I got hired on the spot (go me!). Then, I came back to my boss – SURE she was going to be pissed – and gave my two week notice. Plus, the order I put in to switch cell phone service was cancelled and that took all day to fix. That night, I went to my Biology for Non-Majors class. Yay… not.
  • Tuesday: Worked all day before going to Beginning/Intermediate Algebra Class. Do you know how much I hate math?
This much.

This much.

  • Wednesday: Again, worked. Went to Biology. Bought a tablet and fiddled with it until I passed out.
  • Thursday: Work. Are you getting a theme here? More math. *slits wrists*
  • Friday: Just work. Had to drive since our driver called out in the afternoon. It was pay day, so that was a plus. I ate sushi like a fiend. Additionally, I ordered myself a new phone.
  • Saturday: I finished up all my homework. You know why?
  • Sunday & Monday (MLK Day): I got to be lazy as fuck.

1338923405979Inspiration is a fickle thing. I know, I need to write more and magical things will happen, but I firmly believe having zero energy makes the writing process worse. That’s my excuse anyway.

In other news, I am working on IT by Stephen King. I hope to have a review of it in a week or two. I knew this would be one of the longer books to get through. Wish me luck!


Talk to me. I'm lonely.

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