I’m a real boy!

Do you have any feeling what it’s like to be seen as unequal or “less than”? As a gay man, I am seen as a multitude of things. In the eyes of bigoted straight men, I am a sissy and therefore am not a ‘man’ by their definition. In the eyes of religious women, I am a pedophile trying to seduce their young children into the arms of the devil. And as far as the law was concerned, I was a second-class citizen because the majority of the US felt my sexuality was ‘inappropriate’. I am everything but whole.

I was a minor with little power and little say. I had no voice. As a citizen, I’m bound by the laws with no representation. The majority voted on my inalienable rights, including the right to marry the person I loved. I felt completely alone and unheard.

christina-aguilera-abstract-no-voiceToday, I was given a voice. In Oklahoma, the last state I expected to change, a judge “ruled that an Oklahoma constitutional amendment that precludes same-sex couples from receiving state marriage licenses violates the U.S. Constitution” (Tulsa World, ‘Oklahoma gay marriage ban ruled unconstitutional’).

The comments from locals give me false hope in humanity. Apparently, they believe the majority has a right to vote on the rights of the minority. Thankfully, some people have more sense and knowledge on the matter: “Same-sex marriage threatens ‘traditional marriage’ in the same way that emancipating the slaves made freedom less enjoyable for white people.”

Whatever your religious beliefs or thoughts on the subject, I live in the United States of America. I pay for taxes out of my check to be a citizen in this country. I deserve the right to marry who I love wherever I live and I shouldn’t have to move to another state in order to receive that right. The slippery slope arguments (marrying animals, children, etc) mean nothing to me. This is a union between two adults, much like heterosexuals. Why is gay marriage damning to the world but divorce isn’t? The arguments are endless and they mean zero in the eyes of the law. I am thankful this is finally being seen by the judges that make up our great federal system.

I finally have a voice. I’m a whole person, a real human being. I finally have a say.


Talk to me. I'm lonely.

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