Is imitation the greatest form of flattery?

Is it just me or are there too many Hunter Games imitations?

divergentThere’s the already-released dystopian book series turned movie series coming out in 2014. The preview reminds me of training before the Hunger Games. Further, the fiery ball inside the ring is too reminiscent of the mockingjay pin Katniss wears.

Revolution NBCThen, we have the dystopian television series with a girl who uses a crossbow. Sure, it isn’t a bow like Katniss, but it shoots arrows much the same. Also, this world screams District 12 with its dependence on nature and zero electricity.

I know what trends are, so I understand the phrase “riding the tide”. Of course, all corporations want to do is make money. So they scour the scripts, the query letters, even blogs to find ideas similar to an already popular idea.

I’ve been looking forward to a witch craze. Now, we have American Horror Story: Coven, The Vampire Diaries, Witches of East End, and countless other series that feature witchcraft as a main theme. But they’re all different takes of the same idea. AHS: Coven looks at a darker view of witches with a New Orleans flair. Vampire Diaries has intrigued me with its consistent (minus the Original Witch) coffee-colored witches that fill the screen. Witches of East End has a light-hearted soap opera charm like a certain WB series released in 1999.

It’s one thing to have a similar idea. It’s another to be a complete knock off (Divergent). I don’t mean to be rude to the fans or the author, but there are too many similarities. I understand people want to relive the greatness of Hunger Games, but this is bastardizing the original source.

Let’s remove all the differences and just put down the main themes of the movie:

A teenage girl with astounding skills overthrows the current government/ideal while falling in love, most likely with two different boys she must choose between.

When people made the argument that Hunger Games was a tween remake of Battle Royale, I argued that Hunger Games was better. I wasn’t a fan of Battle Royale due to the incessant crying and screaming from the girls, the boring back stories, and the unnecessary two men with crazed hair to fight one another using martial arts, reminiscent of anime (I know Battle Royale was based on a manga, but it was ridiculous nonetheless). I’m a fan of anime, but this was too much. Lastly, Hunger Games focuses on a heroine and goes deep into her personal psyche while Battle Royale focused on violence from a male’s perspective.

The huge difference between Hunger Games, Revolution, and Divergent are that they all came out at the same time. Revolution came the same year Hunger Games was released in theaters. Divergent comes out less than a year from the Hunger Games sequel. At least there were 12 years between Hunger Games and Battle Royale the movie.

Call me a hypocrite. I cringe every time I see the Divergent trailer in theaters. I yell out, “Hunger Games rip-off.” I know teens will probably flock, glad there’s a similar series coming out, but I need something more.


One thought on “Is imitation the greatest form of flattery?

  1. Shannon A Thompson

    I’m glad my post inspired you! Thank you for letting me know. I found your post really interesting. The market is pretty monopolized whenever one thing gets really popular. I’m actually a huge fan of Battle Royale – but that’s just me. I thought it was more realistic to what would happen if you threw a bunch of teenagers into a ring. I think whiny and suicide and confusion and extreme violence from all different sides would happen, so I thought it was very psychological in that sense. But I think the Hunger Games brings a totally different purpose to the arena and storyline. (So I’m not arguing one being better than the other, of course. – Like you said, at least there were YEARS between the two.)
    Great post!


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