Future Magic

Technology leaves me in awe.

Wow Russell Up

Despite growing up with a computer in my household and taking classes in school to properly operate the machine, I’m astounded at the advances we’ve made in applied sciences. Cell phones, miniature computers, in the palm of our hands with the ability to access unlimited information at our fingertips. Video calls across oceans to meet and converse with people from different cultures. The things we can do, can learn by simply owning a modern device; even at 26 years old, it leaves me fascinated.

The other day, as I was preparing for my Stephen King challenge, I thought about going to the library to reserve as many books as possible. He’s a popular author, so I knew my choices may be limited. Then, I looked over at my Kindle sitting on the bedside table, having finished Vicki Pettersson’s Signs of the Zodiac series a few days ago, and an idea formed in my head: I can download the e-book versions.

Jenna Marbles Mind Blown

I admit, I feel idiotic by confessing my ignorance at this technological feat. I’ve owned my Kindle for a little over 2 years now. I knew libraries provided e-book transfers to anyone who owns an e-reader, but I haven’t personally used the service. I wait for cheap offers or buy books based on my desire in the Kindle Store. But I’m a broke student artist. I can’t afford dishing out $10 a book simply for this challenge. Besides, when it comes to King, I prefer to own physical copies (sadly, I only own his anthologies, which I decided to remove from the list in my reading challenge).

However, I reveled in my retarded (read: slow) genius. I scurried over to my library’s website, looked for the e-book section, and I checked out ‘Salem’s Lot. Apparently, the library can only lend out so many e-versions of the book, just like physical copies. Carrie had a reserve list a mile long, of which I am at the bottom.

I love living in this century of technological bliss. Sure, it isn’t flying cars or individual jet packs. Hell, I am waiting for personal robot servants to this day. But I appreciate the things we can do. I can never say, “I don’t know” anymore. Simply pull out Google, type in the question, and voila. I can’t wait for the day when people can type in my name or a title of my book and find it at their local library to read on their personal device.

I may not understand how the technology works, so for now I will simply call it what it is.

Shia Lebeouf Magic


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