Please put me out of my misery…

I came into work feeling pretty great, until I heard my coworkers bickering about who is bringing what to the department Christmas party. Apparently, chips and salsa isn’t enough of a contribution. Also, more than 1 dessert is too much because there are only going to be a handful of people bringing food. How about appreciating having anything at all, you ungrateful brats!?



7 thoughts on “Please put me out of my misery…

  1. Aussa Lorens

    Ah…. working in an office. I’ve been getting hell for the fact that I haven’t decorated for christmas. Whaaaat. Is that really a thing I have to do? I’m bringing sweet things for people to eat, isn’t that enough?!

    1. Mr. Jonnie Wright Post author

      I don’t mind decorating. It means I don’t have to work. However, I find it incredibly rude they are telling people what and what not to bring. Let’s just blow up our respective work places and be free. What do you say?


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