10 things I love about myself Pt 2

After reading pt 1, I realized I didn’t get heavy into how those 5 things resonate within me. For example, I feel me being gay has put me through some experiences I find invaluable. I know what it’s like to be treated unfairly, so in turn, I try not to do the same to others. I will try to give better examples in these next amazing top 5 things that I love about myself.

6. I question authority.

Benjamin Franklin, one of our Founding Fathers, and apparently a man-whore.

Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father, and apparently a man-whore.

Benji once said, “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” I grew up feeling unequal. At first, it was due to my weight. Then, it was because I was gay. Now, the government treats me less because I’m not part of the 1%. I feel we are all equal, and we Americans deserve the same chances as anyone else. But it’s when authoritarians try to make it harder for the 99% that I feel we should all stand up and cry, “Why!?”

7. I see things half-full.

I prefer looking at the silver-lining of all things. I feel it helps me move on rather than sit and stew in negativity. I don’t ignore the importance of deadlines or the unexpected stresses that come up, but it makes things easier for me to look at the brighter side of things than feel sorry for myself.

8. Horror is my favorite genre.

I love being scared. I don’t know why. I cry and scream like a little girl, but I can’t seem to stop reading haunting stories in r/NoSleep on Reddit, or watch scary movies such as Paranormal Activity. Honestly, the scariest things seem to inhabit my mind late at night when the lights are out and I’m trying to sleep. One time, I swore I was fighting Slenderman, but I was actually the beating the crap out of my boyfriend-at-the-time in my sleep.

9. I wish everyday of my life was like a scene in Glee.

Bring on the singing and dancing.

Bring on the singing and dancing.

I used to love Glee to death. Sure, the first season was perfect and season 2 started going down hill, but I watched every episode for 3 seasons until they had on Perez Hilton. I haven’t watched it since (but that’s another story for another time). I love to sing. I don’t do it well, but I wish I could bust out in song while waiting in line at the bank. Or have dancers backing me up as I stroll down the hallway at work. Singing helps put things in perspective for me. It makes my soul resonate. Too bad I’m horrid at it.

10. I’m young at heart.

Getting old sucks. I firmly believe, however, that age is simply a number and feeling one’s age actually depends on one’s mentality. For example, the people who hate being old tend to be incredibly negative and grumpy. I’m not saying it doesn’t suck feeling your body weaken, but it shouldn’t stop people from living. I met an energetic 80-year-old woman with a blue-tooth headset in her ear walking around promoting her pet-walking business. She received calls left and right during our short conversation, but she was smart, happy, and capable. She didn’t let her age bring her down, so I don’t let it worry me either.

Those are my 10 things I love about myself. Feel free to tell me some things you like about yourself. I’m always interested to know what people think of themselves. Thanks for stopping by!


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