10 things I love about myself Pt. 1

I love everything about me. In fact, you’ll find I’m quite narcissistic when it comes to the subject of me (I realize that sentence doesn’t really make sense, but I’m going with it). So to commemorate the awesomeness that I bring to this world – and also further introduce myself to you guys – here are 10 wonderful things about me (and since I’m so full of myself, there’s going to be 2 parts).

1. I love Lady Gaga.

How can you NOT love her?

How can you NOT love her?

I find Lady Gaga to be inspirational. She’s a passionate lyricist and performance artist who always tries to push the envelope, and it isn’t just to show off her body like Britney or Christina. She’s funky, funny, fabulous, all the great F-words. I love watching her interviews where she gets a moment to put away her on-stage persona and just be herself. People find her fake or a carbon-copy of Madonna, but I think her piano-playing skills and the fact that she sings live practically every performance separates her from the ‘Queen’ of Pop. She might be weird, but I’m weird and she makes me love being weird.

2. My favorite author is Stephen King.

Being a fan of horror movies as a child, I read the RL Stine books in elementary school. Eventually, those stories became stilted, so I turned to my local library to find similar, more adult authors. Stephen King, of course, was at the top of the list. At 9 years old, I read Carrie, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m thinking about reading all his books for 2014. I don’t know if it’s exactly possible being that he has 56 novels, 13 short-story collections, and 5 books. But I like a challenge!

3. I’m only 5 classes (1 more year) away from finishing my degree.

I hated school growing up. It wasn’t ever any fun for me when I realized I could learn anything simply by reading and researching. I didn’t need a teacher in front of me telling me all the things I’d eventually find in a textbook. Ultimately, I knew I needed a degree of some sort to be a better well-rounded person and employee. It’s only a 2-year degree that I’ve been working on for 4 years part-time, so I’m glad to be finished.

4. My favorite television show of all time is Buffy.

I can hear the guitar-heavy theme calling me now.

I can hear the guitar-heavy theme calling me now.

What is there NOT to love? A young girl with superpowers fights supernatural creatures while trying to maintain a normal life. There’s humor, drama, romance, adventure, horror, the whole shebang! The first season is cheesy, but it’s necessary to set everything up. The remaining seasons (excluding season 4) really evolved over time, making this show a staple in my teenage-hood. Plus, Joss Whedon (writer/director of ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ and creator of ‘Agents of SHIELD’) is an amazing writer who inspired me to push for positive role models and always try something new.

5. I’m gay.

I’m sure someone would read this and say to themselves or others, “Why does being gay have to be a big deal? I’m straight and nobody cares.” It’s because I live in Square State where everybody seems to care. I can’t get married, adopt children, be seen in public with my partner without being persecuted, unless I move to a state that allows it. I currently volunteer at my local equality center. Plus, I protest at various events shooting for equality. So no, being gay isn’t everything to me. It isn’t all who I am, but it IS a part of me, and it’s been something focused on since I was young.

I hope you enjoyed my ’10 Things’ so far. I thought it best to cut it in half and talk about me some more later. Also, I felt you guys might die from all the massive interest you now have for me. Toodles!


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